Sunday Rules

Sunday 11v11 Rules and Regulations




Players are either amateur or professional as defined in this section.

Amateur: An amateur player is any person other than a professional player.  An amateur player may not receive and retain any remuneration for playing except expenses directly related to games, which have been actually incurred by the player.

Professional: A professional player is a person who receives or who has received payment for playing, or who signs a professional form of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).


  • No professional players may participate in the league. Amateur players may participate, provided they are duly registered as follows:
  • Registration Period: There will be online registration of amateur players during the pre-registration dates established by the Board.  Registration must be completed online using the League PayPal Shopping cart found on the League website.  Teams that have approved membership applications may continue to register players after league games have commenced, however, under NO circumstances will registrations be accepted once that team has reached a total roster number of 20.  The Board must approve exceptions with those being season-ending injury/pregnancy or player abandonment.  The documentation listed below must be submitted to the league no later than 5pm, the Thursday prior to Sunday’s game.  If not, the new player will under no circumstances be eligible for that Sunday’s game.
  •  The following documentation must be submitted to drop a player who has suffered a season-ending injury or pregnancy:
    •  1)  An email to the Board from the Team Manager/Coach stating the name of the injured/pregnant player.  If it is an injury, they must specify the nature of the injury.
    • 2)  New player registration information.
  •  There will, under no circumstances, be any players added prior to the weekend of league playoffs.  All players must play 3 regular season games before being eligible for playoffs.
  •  Player Abandonment: Should a player miss three (3) consecutive games and the team has had no success in getting in touch with that player, the team may petition the Board to drop the player.
  •  The following documentation must be submitted to drop a player who has abandoned their team:
    •  Team Game Sheets for the three games in question
    • An email to the Board from the Team Manager/ Coach that states the reason the player is being dropped.
    • New player registration information.


  •  Maxium Players: A member club may have a maximum of twenty (20) registered players on its roster at any time and a minimum of thirteen (13). Under no circumstances shall the total number of registered players exceed 20.
  • Age status is defined as follows:
    • 18 and over – A player must be at least 18 years of age, turning 18 before the first game of the participating season.


  •  Season Champion: The season champions shall be determined by a cumulative point system. All regular season games count towards a team’s final standings. The team with the most points at the end of the regular season will be deemed Season Champion.
  •  Point System:
    • WIN = 3 Points – Awarded for each game that is won.
    • TIE = 1 Point – Awarded to each team for the game that ends in a tie.
    • LOSS = 0 Points – Awarded for each game that is lost.
    • FOREIT = 3 Points – Awarded to the opposing team of the cancelled game.  That team will also be awarded 1 goal for the game to be added to their Goals For total.
  •  Tie Breakers: If there is a tie in the total number of team accumulated points at the end of the scheduled season, or after playoff competition, the final positions will be determined as follows:
    • Goals Against
    • Goals For
    • Head to Head
  • Play-off Games: If a play-off game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time, the game result shall be determined by penalty kicks.  If the play-off game is the final, two overtime periods of seven and one-half minutes each shall be played.  In the event the tie is not broken during the overtime periods, the game result shall be determined by penalty kicks.
  •  Championship Awards: These awards are to be determined by the Directors.


  • Withdrawal: If a team does not complete its regular season championship schedule and has not completed one-half of its scheduled games, the results of all games played shall be nullified and all accumulated points withdrawn.  If one-half or more of the scheduled games have been completed, the results of all games played up to the date of termination shall stand.  Any remaining games shall be awarded to the opposing team on the basis of a “1-0” WIN, for a total of three (3) points.
  •  Forfeits: Any team not appearing or otherwise failing to play two consecutive scheduled league games or four (4) cumulative games shall forfeit the right to participate in any further league games and shall be subject to a $50.00 fine. Any team forfeiting a game shall be deducted a total of 3 points from their accumulative season points.

RULE 6.         REFEREES

  • Game Reports: Upon completion of a scheduled game, it will be the responsibility of the Captains of both teams to obtain a copy of their roster with the Game Report from the Center Referee and submit this to either Jen Pudsey or Ilana Kariamis, immediately following the completion of the game.  This report must be clear and legible and include player jersey number, first and last names as well as Game results and stats.  In addition, the first and last names of all 3 officials must be clearly noted.
  • Signed Game Sheets of both competing teams
  • First and last names clearly printed for all 3 game officials
  • Teams participating in game, Date, and Time
  • Final Score
  • Indicate goal scorer(s)
  • Player Infractions
  • Ejections should include the following:
    • name of player (s)
    • detailed description of cause for ejection
    • aggressor/defender, if applicable
    • Description of accidents, injuries or unusual incidents.


  • Except as modified herein, all games within the league shall be played under the rules of the Federated International Football Association (FIFA).
  • Playing Field: Specifications as to the size of the field, height of corner flags, goal measurements and the required markings of the field shall be according to the laws of the game as defined by FIFA.
  • Field Maintenance: The playing field shall be protected against infringements made by spectators.  Each team is responsible for maintaining order and shall provide sufficient supervision and crowd control.  Should the crowd for either team exhibit harassing or negative behavior; the referee will provide a warning.  If behavior persists and warning has been given, the team responsible will be subject to penalties indicated under the Infractions section.
  •  Infractions: Failure of any team to comply with playing field requirements herein shall be subject to a fine of $25.00 and forfeiture of the game.
  •  FIFA Rules Modifications:
    • Slide Tackling: Slide tackling is not permitted and will result in an automatic yellow card. The opposing team will receive an indirect free kick.  A player sliding to maintain control of the ball in an effort to keep the ball in play from the sideline or goal line, and is nowhere within the vicinity of any opposing player, is not deemed a “slide” tackle.  As in all other Game Rules, the referee is the final law of the game.
    • Playing Ten (10) or Less Players: Teams must start a game with a minimum of seven (7) players.  The opposing team may play 2 players up (not to exceed the maximum of 11 players) against a team that begins a game with less than the standard eleven (11) players.  Opposing team may add a player appropriately as the other team adds a player, not to exceed more than 2 players up.


  • Duration: League games shall be of ninety (90) minutes total duration, consisting of two equal halves with a 15 minute half-time.  In the event that a game is terminated by the referee prior to its completion due to weather or other conditions beyond control, and less than 1/2 the game was played, the game will be rescheduled and started over.
  • Starting Time: The weekly schedule of games and kick-off times set by the Board shall be strictly followed.  Players must be on the playing field by the appointed starting time.  There will be a fifteen (15) minute leeway period given. The clock will automatically begin upon 10 minutes of the leeway and a forfeit will be given if the team cannot field the minimum amount of players by 15 minutes past the game time.  Exceptions: 1.) In the situation where a team has communicated to the opposing team they will have 7 players available to start upon the 15 minutes of leeway, and the opposing team does not elect to take the forfeit but would rather commence game play, the game clock will still begin on the 15 minute mark no matter when the players are on the field and ready for play. Game duration will be marked at 90 minutes from the 15 minute commencement. 2.) In the event a game cannot start on time, both teams in agreement with the consent of the referees may agree to play shortened halves (i.e., 30-minute halves) for a friendly game (which does not qualify as a regular league game).
  • Postponements: NO scheduled game may be postponed unless the Board and the opposing team have been contacted at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the scheduled game and total consent has been given by all three parties.  Exceptions being a postponement due to weather or other condition beyond control with the approval of the Board.


  • Team Game Sheets and Roster: Each Team Captain will receive a roster/game sheet for that week’s game for their team and the opposing team.  Any suspensions will be noted on each of the game sheets.  Players must sign the Game Sheet with their full first and last name and jersey number prior to the start of a game. No player number shall be alike on any given team.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in a $25.00 fine to be paid prior to the next scheduled game.


  • Requirements: All players shall appear in coordinated, clean uniforms at all league games. Shirts must be of the same color with unique numbers printed on the backside. Each team must be prepared with a set of light and dark color socks; both teams cannot wear the same color socks.
  • The goalkeeper must have a contrasting uniform to her teammates and the opposing team.  A referee may prohibit a player from participating in a game if, in his/her opinion, the dress of the player leads to error in team identification.
  • Uniform Changes: If the uniform color of competing teams is the same or nearly the same, as to cause difficulty in identification, it will be the responsibility of the Home team to change uniform shirts and socks, or provide a means for team differentiation satisfactory to the referee (i.e. – pennies/shin guard sleeves to cover socks).


  • No players are allowed to wear jewelry during a game.  This is a FIFA rule and will be strictly enforced by the referees.  Jewelry includes piercing in ears and face, earrings, protruding rings, watches or any form of jewelry considered dangerous by the referee.


  • Rescheduled Games: The referee shall have the authority to determine whether a game is playable or not in the event of adverse weather or field conditions. In the event that a game is called off and less than 1/2 the game was played, the game will be rescheduled and started over. The referee shall notify a Board member, so that the game may be rescheduled.  Team managers or coaches are responsible for notifying their team when a game is cancelled.


  • Non-Appearance of Referee: If the referee assigned to officiate a game fails to appear, the team managers or coaches of the opposing teams may agree upon another person to referee the game. Such a person need not be a State Certified referee. A game played with an agreed substitute referee shall be considered official in ALL respects. If the teams cannot agree upon a substitute referee, the game shall be canceled and the home team must notify a member of the Board to have the game rescheduled.
  • Completion of a Game: Upon completion of the game, both teams shall furnish either Jen Pudsey or Ilana Kariamis with the official Game Sheet (or email to for each team and a report of the referee’s non-appearance, including the name of the substitute referee.


  • Substitutions: Substitutions shall be unlimited and can be made during either team’s throw-ins.  No substitution shall be made during corner kicks or free kicks.  Substitutions shall be made at the discretion of the referee.


  • Reporting of Scores: It shall be the duty of each team to notify the League of the game results by submitting the Game sheets to either Jen Pudsey or Ilana Kariamis.  If either cannot be located, the team can notify by email ( of the game results, including Scores, Yellow and Red Cards and Goal Scorers.  Game Sheets must be turned in on game days, after the completion of the game or emailed that same day.  Any Scores or Stats that have not been reported will be left as “Not Reported” and shall not be factored into the accumulative game points or season ending stats.


  • League Misrepresentation: The relationship with any coach or team manager that has misrepresented the league or negatively impacted the league in any way may be terminated with the approval of the Board.
  • Fraudulent Acts: Any fraudulent acts committed with the intent to undermine the league rules will result in immediate league expulsion. This includes, but is not limited to, player registration and team roster/game sheet forms.


  • Meetings: Meetings will be held at the start of every season.  Any team that would like to discuss something is welcome to email

RULE 18.      SPECIFIC INFRACTIONS Cautions (Yellow Cards):

  • Any player upon receiving two consecutive Yellow Cards within the same scheduled game, which is equivalent to one Red Card, shall be suspended from the next scheduled game. The team will be fined $25, payable prior to the next scheduled game.  The player’s name will show on the team’s roster for the next game as being suspended and they will not be allowed to play.
  •  Any player who has been Cautioned (Yellow Carded) during five (5) separate matches within one season shall be suspended for one (1) game.  The player’s team will be deducted 1 point from the total accumulated points at the time of the infraction, and will be posted on the web site standings.  Team Representatives shall be notified when a player has reached (4) Yellow Cards as a reminder.  It is the responsibility of the Team Representative to notify the Player.
  • Sendings-Off (Red Cards):
    •  Serious Foul Play: Any player who has been ordered off the field by the Referee by committing any of the offenses punishable by a direct Red Card will be suspended for (1) game.  The team will be fined $50, payable prior to the next scheduled game.  The Board will review the infraction and determine if the severity requires a longer suspension, up to 3 games.  The player’s name will show on the team’s roster for the next game as being suspended and they will not be allowed to play.